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3 Doors of Horror filmmakers thrilled students with bright cinematic prospects
Updated 2013-12-09

To promote the awareness and elevate students’ interest in venturing into the fantastic world of filmmaking, The One Academy collaborated with prominent independent director James Lee in screening his latest production, 3 Doors of Horror, a compilation of three horror shorts whose release was to coincide with the Ullambana festival.

Movie going is a great hobby for many to unwind from the daily hectic life, while films also present an avenue for filmmakers to express their thoughts and creativity. With elaboration by the producer, directors, actors and actresses during the sharing session, students were introduced to the beauty as well as the challenges of movie making, especially for the beginners and independents with a tight budget.

By showcasing three horror shorts with different styles, the audience was intrigued by their storylines and storytelling techniques. The fact that the this was the first attempt of all the three directors at the genre of horror films, as well as that the cast was sourced from a wide range of backgrounds, including people from the music, television, film and multimedia disciplines, proved that there is endless potentialities in the arts, provided we think out-of-the-box.

Director of the first short film I Missed You Two, Leroy Low revealed that the story originally took place in a primary school, but they decided to spiced it up with some funky elements. As for the second installment, Floating Sun, its director Edmund Yeo said that it was always very challenging from conceptualisation to shooting, and this was not an average psycho thriller either, but more on love and loneliness. Ng Ken Kin, the director of the third short, Horror Mission, conceded that he had watched thrillers for a whole month just to immerse in the right mood.

Learning directly from the professional experts has always been the cornerstone of The One Academy’s ‘Masters Train Masters’ philosophy. To listen to the experiences of experts straight from the horse’s mouth was not just enlightening, but very motivational too. As the filmmaking industry requires talents from all walks of life, designers of all majors be it Multimedia, Illustration, Digital Animation, Fashion or Fine Arts stand a chance to contribute to the advancement of the local cinema.

According to James Lee, the producer of this project, the traditional way of filmmaking might not be suitable for all circumstances, thus he had dedicated a whopping half a year to this project, hoping that by introducing these three directors, we could encourage more cross-platform collaborations among creative practitioners and enthusiasts. Azman Hassan, veteran local actor who played the security guard in all three shorts, emphasised that they provided pro bono service as they were driven by their passion to make this experimental project a success.

As one of Malaysia’s leading art and design institutions, The One Academy is committed to gear the students with industry-driven creative education towards success, by equipping them with a multitude of knowledge, so they will conquer the forefront of the global creative arena one day, as prompted by the tagline of Just world class results!