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A Journey Through “FIFTEEN” Portals!
Updated 2022-07-28

Travelling through time and space, the newest graduating batch of 15 talented students from the School of Interior Design has finally landed! Introducing Fifteen G.EX 1908, these creative designers are Vanessa Wuditia, Lim Zhen Rong, Bryan So Man Kit, Nathalee Kho Jia Ni, Tan Xiao Hui, Mand Chan Min Diik, Ang Hui Yee, Chan Joe Yao, Charis Ling Shir Nee, Eg Wei Chiang, Joserico Septhian Tanata, Lim Yee Chen, Sherlyn, Valerie Yuwanda and Yeo Hui Xin.

Each student’s journey towards graduating is represented by their own distinctive portals. When the fifteen of them come together, a glitch causing a union of dimensions opens a new portal representing their journey as a group.

Interior Design

Teleporting through portals and dimensions transports them to unique and extreme environments, having no choice but to adapt and make the best out of every situation. They have prepared themselves with perseverance, versatility, adaptability and strength in order to thrive and reach their end goal of graduating from The One Academy.

The portals reflect on how they have evolved as designers. As they had to venture deeper into their course, they were exposed to new challenges preparing them to join forces and confidently take their next step into the industry upon graduating.

Interior Design

We would like to congratulate the batch of ID1908, you have come so far, worked hard and achieved your goal of graduating. Though your journey at The One Academy is coming to an end, the time has come to go out there and make your mark in the industry!

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