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TOA-ians Bag Three Wins for Their Narratives
Updated 2022-07-20

The MIID Students’ Saturday organised by the Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers is an annual congregation of interior design students from various universities and colleges in Malaysia to compete in multiple design competitions and network with peers. This year’s event, also creatively named 20Empat.9, marks its first hybrid event with dual physical and online modes.

Narratives begin in every step from design issues, target users, design thinking, development of ideas and design solution. Following the theme of “Narrative” this year, participants as the narrators were tasked to curate a series of stories to reflect the theme through design competitions, product design, graphic animations, virtual performance and live sketches.

The event was filled with many stories to tell; stories of experience, of arts, design, users, thinking values and more, where students showcased their compelling scheme of exploration as conveyed through series of storytelling. Several students from The One Academy’s School of Interior Design had taken part in this competition and attained commendable victories.

MIID Interior Design

Avern Chan Mun Hou, who took home two wins, expressed that he felt surprised, rewarded and grateful for the experience. His entries “Solace Within Indigenous” bagged 2nd Prize in the Institutional Design Category, while “Vibrancy in Coalescence of Functionality” received 3rd Prize in the Hospitality Design Category.

“Inspirations behind both of my designs primarily came from the topics of sustainability and practicality. I've always had an interest in creating sustainable and functional designs that provide modern solutions for the community. I also find it fun in being able to learn how sustainability works whilst carrying out my designs,” said Avern.

While one of the challenges he faced were the topics being too vast and unfamiliar to him in the beginning, he managed to carry out his designs with the help of his lecturers and through countless case studies. He expressed gratefulness for the advice given by his lecturers and tutorials that helped him refined his artworks and designs.

MIID Interior Design

Yap Honn Whey bagged 2nd Prize in the Hospitality Design Category with “Threads of Life”. He too, felt happy and surprised at receiving the award, which he said was a proof of his effort of five months of hard work.

“"Threads of Life" is inspired by the Bidayuh culture. I want to revitalise the local culture with some twist so that it won't be forgotten in the future, at the same time giving it a new modern and young look while preserving the culture. I wish to break the rigid image when people speak about local culture, especially the natives. Local culture can be artistic and fashionable too,” explained Honn Whey.

He confessed that the biggest challenge was the topic itself, mentioning that culture-related designs involved a number of different motifs and colours which was complicated and out of his comfort zone. In the end, he still managed to find his own pace and language to achieve it, thanking his lecturers for their guidance and the knowledge he gained at The One Academy that allowed them the freedom to explore the topic they are interested in.