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Creativity Meets Interactivity
Updated 2013-12-09

For more than 20 years, The One Academy’s digital animation programme has launched the creative careers of hundreds of talented digital artists. Our internationally recognised course is focused on production-style training, developing new skills for careers in film, television, broadcasting and game design.

Lasted for 2 weeks, the recently held Digital Animation exhibition titled as 3D Illusion saw a diverse showcase of ingenious portfolios by fellow students as well as VFX (visual effects) sharing sessions by accomplished alumnus currently working in the creative industry.

During the sharing session, students were guided on how to examine, analyse footages from animated film and the resulting beauty, clarity and effective storytelling that result when good principles of animation are followed. Former animation graduate, Kweh Kin Chew highlighted that, “You can apply the squash and stretch concept even on the smallest object in your animation like an animated mice that will surely make it looks more natural, alive and comedic!”

In addition, alumnus Wong Voon Fei also stressed the importance of incorporating local culture and belief elements into one’s animation work. “Your target audience could relate to the character better and develop instant feeling of affiliation if you are able to make it look, talk or even mimic their daily lives’ hassles,” quipped Voon Fei while touching on the topic on how to produce animations that trigger resonance of viewers.

Apart from the exhibition, DOTA 2 tournament was also held to promote involvement of students across faculties and whilst encouraging them to pick up new skills in the process of mastering the highly competitive game that was first organised in the USA.

Through this competition, winners not only stand a chance for good exposure of their creativity but also fostering teamwork spirit among peers. The winners were awarded with certificates, Steam wallet along with gaming mouse, thumb drive and T-shirt.

The One Academy’s result-oriented coaching approach and its industry-driven learning syllabus not only prepares students for the creative arena but also encourages participation spirit among them to cherish every opportunity of learning through taking part in such a competition.